Margaret Dabbs-Hands-Hand Sanitiser/200ml

Margaret Dabbs

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The Margaret Dabbs London hydrating hand sanitiser contains 65% alcohol which is proven effective at killing harmful germs and bacteria. Its unique antibacterial formulation is enriched with Hempseed oil and White Water Lily that soothes the skin and replenishes moisture levels. Beautifully scented with the bright and fresh fragrance of Mandarin and Geranium, our hand sanitiser will leave your hands feeling clean, fresh and hydrated. 

Apply a small amount of gel to dry hands and massage into the skin.


  • Intensive Hand Cleanser and Sanitiser
  • Hydrates, Nourishes and smoothes the skin
  • Anti-ageing

Suitable for all skin types, pregnancy, diabetics, men and women, travelers/commuters

If irritation occurs discontinue use.